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Bert Gold bgold at
Wed Jan 17 09:37:44 EST 1996

Nature magazine is finally catching up with the issues we have
been discussing here on INTERNET for the past two years.

Nature, 4 January 1996, page 1 is occupied by an editorial

Pure Science in An Age of Attrition
sub head: Despite stupendous advances in the past 50 years, Western
governments' support of research for its own sake is on the wane.
The new year is an appropriate time for researchers and policy-makers
to consider the implications and make some resolutions.

And, I also think worthwhile the article on page 5 entitled:

US Science Funding Finally Hits the Frontier

the first paragraph of which prosaically reads:

WASHINGTON.  Science is "like a fish swimming in water," says
Norman Metzger, head of physical sciences at the National Research
Council (NRC), the research arm of the US National Academy of Sciences
in Washington DC.  "It doesn't realize it's in water until you take
the water away."

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