Oleuropein (bitter compound in raw olives)

Jurgen Ziesmann Jurgen.Ziesmann at bbsrc.ac.uk
Wed Jan 17 05:20:12 EST 1996

johndreid at aol.com (JohnDReid) wrote:
> Hi:
> I'm looking for some information on olives.  Specifically the bitter
> substance in raw olives.  Is there someone growing olives that would know
> if the bitter compound in olives "oleuropein" is toxic.  I would like to
> learn more about it and have a couple of questions.
> Thanks 

Hi John,


Lo Scalzo R, Scarpati ML, Verzegnassi B, Vita G
Olea europaea chemicals repellent to Dacus oleae females
J Chem Ecol 20:1813-1823

as a starting point.

God bless

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