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>1.  What are the differences between cellular respiration, and breathing?

Cellular respiration is the converion foods into energy, usually

glucose + oxygen ----> carbon dioxide + water + energy

the process requires oxygen and is called aerobic respiration, an
alternative, though less efficient system does not involve oxygen and
produces lactic cid instead of carbon dioxide. this is anaerobic

breathing is referred to a external respriation or more properly
ventilation, it deals with the exchange of gases across the alveolar

>2.  What use is made of the energy released as hear in aerobic 
> respiration in plants, and non-endothermic animals?
the energy produced is used to drive chemical processes in the
organism,  In plants the process of photosynthesis is the opposite of
cellular respiration.  cellular respiration continues all the time,
but photosynthesis occurs periodically (daylight), sugar generated
from Photosynthesis must be sufficient to supply the cellular
respiration requirement if the plant is to maintain its mass.

>This is for my biology class.  I would really appreaciate a response.
>Jenny Hansel

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