genome sizes?

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Wed Jan 17 08:29:53 EST 1996

Nikolaj Blom (nikob at wrote:
: Hello there,

: I am currently trying to compile a list of genome sizes of
: different organisms. I haven't been able to locate the genomic
: sizes of the following organisms. Can anyone point me to a source\
: or provide the figures?

: Rattus norvegicus (rat)

: Oryza sativa (rice)

: Oryctolagus cuniculus (rabbit)

: Plasmodium falciparum

: Schizosaccharomyces pombe

Look up one of the physical-mapping papers (look in Entrez,
via -- this
number should be pretty precisely known now.

: Sus scrofa (pig)

This sort of question comes up pretty regularly -- you might check
the bionet archives ( or AltaVista 
( for previous quotes.  Also, a standard
work in the field (though perhaps slightly dated) is 
"The Evolution of Genome Size~ edited by Cavalier-Smith.

Good luck!

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