GEN Biotech Guide - anyone know where I can get one?

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Thu Jan 18 10:30:26 EST 1996

In article <4dkbe2INNgfo at woozle.mel.dbe.CSIRO.AU>, George Pantela
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> Hi--
> I have a photocopy paphlet of a product called the "GEN guide to biotechnology
> Copmanies" which comes on both desk-top book and disk format. Has anyone heard
> of this company, and would anyone know of a contact address/number (they
do not
> appear to be on the web).
> Please email me if you have any clues.
> Thanks
>                  George Pantela

Hello George -

This book is the best of the directories of biotech co's and suppliers.
You'll find it through the publisher of Genetic Engineering News (GEN):

Genetic Engineering News
2 Madison Avenue
Larchmont, NY  10538
914-834-3100 Phone
914-834-3771 Fax

Best regards, Dave Jensen
Managing Director, Search Masters International ---

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