Research: Causes for Biotech Failure.

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Hi George;
Would it be possible to persaude to post the results of your inquiry?  I 
think that a number of us would like to see the reasons.
Thanks in advance.
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On 18 Jan 1996 Mahmourg at wrote:

> Fellow BIONET  users:
> I am doing a research project for the Faculty of Management at McGill University, Montreal, Canada.
> The object  of this query is to determine the causes for the high failure rates among emerging biotechnology companies in 
> Canada and  the  U.S.  In  particular, the  focus will be limited to those  companies which can not leave  the "start-up  phase" 
> and  enter  the growth  phase. The  consistent lack of economic  viability  among such entreprises is symptomatic  of serious 
> shortcomings in the microenvironment  in which these "one-product" entreprises operate.
> Three possible  causes for this trend involve the following players:
> 1.  the  entreprise itself:  management / financial / marketing  problems
> 2.  the  investment  community: scientist ignorance / emphasis on the short term.  
> 3.  the market / customer:  failure to predict the market demand and size.
> The Question[s]:
> What is the cause  for the failure?
> What is the possible  solution[s] ?
> Your participation is pivotal as the printed literature does not discuss the hard issues involved with entrepreneurship in the 
> biotech area. 
>  I am looking for opinions,  comments on the above issues.  Let me know  your  particular situation and what environment you 
> were in.  What type of player were you, [1], [2] or  [3] as defined above?.   
> I  am  eager to see more opportunities for entreprising  biologists.
> George Mahmourides
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