Headhunters vs ads are they mutually exclusive strategies?

DavidHartr davidhartr at aol.com
Fri Jan 19 14:09:46 EST 1996

A question:  

    Once an employer has been contacted by a jobseeker it then becomes
impossible for a headhunter to  present that person to the employer at
least for  certain length of time. The dilemma now arises. I have one or
more headhunters taking a keen interest in placing me and are optimistic
my chances as a candidate. I could actually reduce my chances my answering
ads (which as many readers are already aware are often for nonexistent
vacancies).   The same would go for mass mailings to potential employers.
Would it therefore be advisable to stop contacting employers other than in
exceptional circumstances as in an ad where I matched every single
requirement (what planet am I from   > :-)  ) or in a referral from a
colleague (a more likely scenario but still doesn't happen that much).    
    It seems potentially possible for a candidate to destroy any possible
chances with headhunters this way. For example by sending just one
unsolicited resume sent to a division of Johnson and Johnson ends up on
the database of the entire group and the candidate would be off limits to
headhunters for any number of positions.  Of course this would be of less
relevance with the more no-nonsense employers. who shred unwanted resumes
and would have no evidence that the candidate had previously been in touch
with them <<grin>>.                                                       
                                                        I would appreciate
other people's comments on this either posted or by E-mail.               

Thank you                                                                 
               David Hartree                                              

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