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: As well as some talk about putting some sort've a band on foreign
: PhDs coming into this country and taking jobs away?  [Apparently
: and good portion of this PhD explosion comes from foreign doctors?]

I believe there is legislation in the U.S. Congress to change
(yet again) the immigration laws.  One provision would be to make
it much harder for non-citizens with U.S. Ph.D.'s to get jobs
in this country (basically, an employer would have to certify
that the particular alien was uniquely qualified and that no
American citizen qualified equally).

: And I've said it before, I'll say it again... if *we* fail to do
: something constructive about this current situation - it will
: eventually been decided by other's outside our community (possibly
: by the government?)?

Yep.  Though I would take the more pessimistic view -- whatever
we do, if there is a nice way for a pol to capture headlines,
they will step in (and on).

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