Scorpion Control

ICU icu at
Sun Jan 21 00:40:49 EST 1996

I am seeking a definitive process for eradicating Scorpions nesting in
attic and interfloor areas of a house. Standard schema such as periodic
insecticide spraying is insufficient as my Patient is allergic and
requires total kill of the interior population and sustained perimeter
control.  A knowledge of the lifecycle, predators, pheramone or food
source attractants would be useful.  The house is under one year old of
brick veneer construction with a block wall basement.  The area ( in the
Central Savannah River Area of GA) is hilly with mixed pine and hardwood.
Despite current temperatures in the mid thirties the Scorpions are
currently active.  Live adults are present during daylight hours in the
basement area, and carcass/debris ranging from 1/2 to 2.5 inch specimens
are present in enclosed lighting fixtures (all ceiling levels - 3) and
near kitchen fixtures.  Any help would be most appreciated. 

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