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Wed Jan 24 17:38:43 EST 1996

I am a consultant for companies raising capital from investors.  A client of
mine is planning to raise capital from investors within the next 6 months.
This company is seeking feedback from would-be investors and others on how to
make an investment in the company as attractive as possible.  This is not a
solicitation for investment, and your name will not be given to the company
as an investment lead.  

The company is a data processing services and software firm positioned as the
technology leader within a well defined pharmaceutical niche.   Although
still small in size, it is attracting the attention of industry giants who
are already negotiating with the Company for a potential acquisition.
Company Management believes that the likelihood of an acquisition within the
next three years is very high, with an anticipated buyout of securities at a
multiple of the present per-share price.

I have a brief concept paper on the company and a questionnaire for all
interested parties.  I will e-mail or fax the information to anyone who
requests it, with the request that you  provide your opinions on the
information presented.

Robert Coleman
rhcole at

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