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Wed Jan 24 00:15:58 EST 1996

U27111 at wrote in response to my posting:

> >and the work of validating scientific findings is the essence of
> >science itself.

> Wrong.  Relentless pursuit of truth is the essence of science.
> Having to sit and validate 'supposed' scientific findings is a
> waste of time in a rapidly moving field. ...

I have always defined a scientific truth as synonymous with a valid
scientific finding so I really don't see the distinction here.
Certainly I hope that you are not advocating that we abandon
the scientific method.  Progress would be very rapid indeed if
we were not fettered by the need to actually do experiments, run
controls, or verify our results.  It just would not be scientific
progress, and in the long run it is frequently not progress at all.

David J. States
Institute for Biomedical Computing / Washington University in St. Louis

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