Staff Infection

ICU icu at
Thu Jan 25 00:27:02 EST 1996

Harbored in nares, and,skin (hair follicles) spread by droplet. Many
multi-resistant species now prevalent (Methycillin resistant MRSA is major
one) Multiple groups affect humans (eg: type A). Staph is primary
bacterial agent in > 60 % infected wounds of surgical nature due to wide
distribution in body. Will most often respond to 5-7 day course simple
antibiotics.  A facial erruption consisting og angry red painful pustules
or just papules is often termed " staph infection" it can be spread to
others in some cases and responds to same rx as above combined with
topical gel (metrogel) and ibuprofen to reduce irritation, pain and scar
formation. Can be confused with similar erruption caused by mites (we
think) and exacerbated by red wines, in men. All of this is

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