alk phos struc?

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|> elpowell (elpowell at wrote:
|> > Does anyone know the structure of bovine intestinal alkaline
|> > phosphatase?
|> The PDB says:
|> The structure which you are looking for is 1ALK. Reference:
|> J.MOL.BIOL.                   V. 186   417 1985
|> Find this and similar information at
|> Hope that helps,

But be aware that this is the structure of E. coli alk phos.  As far as I know,
the crystal structure of eukaryotic AP's have not yet been solved.  In addition, there is
reason to suspect that when eukaryotic AP syructure is solved, it will differ significantly
from that of the coli structure.  See for example:
Chaidaroglou, A., and Kantrowitz, E. R. (1993) Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 1104-1109.

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