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Wed Jan 24 19:05:49 EST 1996

For my AP Biology course, I have to write an essay.  Here is the topic:
Assume that a paricular genetic condition in a mammalian species causes an inability to digest dtarch.  This disorder occurs with equal frequency in males and females.  In most cases, neither paent of affected offspring has the condition.
a.  Describe the most probable pattern of inheritance for this condition.  Explain your reasoning.  Include in your discussion a sample ceoss sufficient to verify your proposed pattern.
b.  Explain how mutation could cause this inability to digest.
c.  Describe how modern techniques of molecular biology could be used to determine whether the mutant allele is present in a given individual.
If anyone has any ideas, I would like to see them.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.
				A grateful student,
				Laura Riordan

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