Back pain and osteoporosis or back pain and depression

David Mannock dmannock at
Thu Jan 25 17:48:43 EST 1996

Hazel, I have done a bunch of medline searches on migraines and depression and
inflammatory bowel diseases and depression they are at an FTP site. Http or
At the FTP site go to pub/health/research/migraines or colitis
You can down load the stuff from there. It seems to me that you might try
searches on arthritis and depression. There are a number of disorders in which
chronic pain is the link. In my experience many of these are the so called
serotonin related disorders. The link between the serotinergic system, pain and
depression is quite a hot topic because of all the interest in SSRIs and nitric
oxide synthase, but proving a biochemical relationship  at this time is
difficult because so little is known about this aspect of human physiology.
There is enough there to infer a biochemical relationship, but the biochemistry
is very complex  and the links between NO, serotonin, platelet activating
factor, the eicosanoids and leukotrienes and prostaglandins is not clear yet.
Bringing all of this together in a Ph.D. would be a marvelous, but difficult
task. It would however, have benefits down the road. I think this area is
currently very interesting (not my field at all) and is clearly the direction in
which medicine is going. The next treatments for chronic pain disorders of
various types will come from such studies. Dave

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