Looking for company - Serotec

Serban I. Tasca STASCA at vthvax.tamu.edu
Thu Jan 25 16:50:52 EST 1996

In article <gradams.15.000C4B36 at uci.edu>, gradams at uci.edu (Gregory R.
Adams) wrote:
> I am trying to track down a company called Serotec, they may have a mAb I 
> need.  I would appreciate any leads, phone, FAX #, URl, e-mail or snail mail 
> address.
> Thanks
> Greg Adams
> GRAdams at UCI.edu
	  Unit 22, Bankside, Kidlington,
		Oxford OX5 1JE, UK
		Tel: 08675 79941
		Fax: 08675 3899
	In U.S.  HARLAN Bioproducts sells some SEROTEC monoclonal antibodies.
	HARLAN Bioproducts for Science Inc.
		P.O.Box 29176 Indianapolis, IN 46229-0176
		Tel: 1-800-9-SCIENCE or 317-894-7536
		Fax: 317-899-1766
		E-mail: hbps at harlan.com

	Serban Tasca
	Texas A&M Univ. 

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