Things look pretty dim...

Alexander Berezin berezin at MCMAIL.CIS.MCMASTER.CA
Thu Jan 25 22:17:10 EST 1996

On 25 Jan 1996, Bert Gold wrote:

> Things look pretty dim to me when Bernard Roizman, perhaps the greatest
> living virologist since Bernie Field's death, is advertising for a post-doc.
> to whom he is at most willing to pay $ 25,000.  Roizman, at his stage 
> and position should have 10 slots for independent, Assistant Profs. open.

Though I must beg forgiveness for the ignorance of not
knowing any of these names above, I am bothered (sort
of CONCEPTUALLY) with 2 points:

(1) If some-one has post-doc opening (regardless of all
the reservations about PDF positions voiced earlier),
I think it should be offered at approximately the same
salary level as other PDF. Although I am not proposing
total equality, I don't think there should be priviledged
postdocs for rich profs. It is quite unfair if 'small 
profs' pay their PDFs $ 25,000 while big guys pay them, 
say, $ 50,000.

(2) No matter how great Dr. Roizman can be (if he is
a university professor), he should NOT have ANY openings
for ANY assistant professors. The latter should be hired
by the university (NOT by Dr. Who) and be INDEPENDENT
(they may, of course, co-operate with Dr. Who, if they
chose so, but this is unrelated to hiring). Financial
subordination of junior profs to senior particians is one
of the major curses of the present academic system. 

> Then, Bill Jones from NIH writes me that the NIH Guide is so screwed up
> they're not sure they're gonna get an edition out even THIS week.
> On the bright side, I got a note from Francis Crick, saying that he is
> back at work and feeling OK.  Thank God, we need him.
> Bert Gold
> San Francisco

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