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Call for Abstracts
3rd Annual Conference on the St. Lawrence River Ecosystem 
May 14-16, 1996 - Civic Complex, Cornwall, Ontario

Canada, the United States and the Mohawk Community at Akwesasne share 
one of the World's major river systems - the majestic St. Lawrence.  
Students, professors, government managers, community leaders, 
environmentalists, business and industry representatives, and other 
inquisitive minds from universities, colleges, and other science 
centres are invited to share their knowledge and their science on the 
River's state, its major stressors, and its potential for 
rehabilitation and recovery.  The Conference is intended to be an 
integrated scientific exploration of problems and issues of strategic 
importance in order to lead to the River's rehabilitation.  Sessions 
will be structured to include natural, health and social science 
perspectives on the problems and solutions that represent the St. 
Lawrence Ecosystem challenge.  The conference will be an opportunity to 
enhance international and regional dialogue among different levels of 
government, different cultural and linguistic groups, and other 
stakeholders and to facilitate partnership building for the sake of 
better public policy.  This Conference will provide a forum for the 
presentation of final research results from the three-year St. Lawrence 
River Ecosystem Recovery Project (1993 - 1996), a Green Plan, 
Tri-Council research project being carried out by the Institute for 
Research on Environment and Economy (IREE), University of Ottawa.  The 
entire St. Lawrence River community is extended an invitation to 
participate and to comment on the science presented.

Themes to be explored at the conference

Public policy in the St. Lawrence River - Great Lakes Basin	

Landscape Ecology of the St. Lawrence River - Great Lakes Basin

Fisheries Science

Biological Effects Monitoring	

Relative Significance of Environmental Problems in the Cornwall/Massena 

		Sediment Contamination

Human Health in the Ecosystem

Wetlands Integrity

Air Quality - monitoring and change


Agriculture - ground water contamination, pesticide use

Education - perceptions, innovations and the media

L'ethique Environnementale

RAPs, ZIPs, public participation and environmental activism

St. Lawrence River Ecosystem Geology 

Naturalized Knowledge Systems

History of the River

Any other paper or poster regarding the St. Lawrence River Ecosystem.


Please submit abstracts to:

Attention: Roger Needham, Academic Committee, Department of Geography, 
University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 6N5. E-mail: 
rdnad at .  

Deadline for Paper and Poster Abstracts 

Paper and poster abstracts must be submitted to the Academic Committee 
no later than February 15, 1996.  

Announcement of Acceptance 

The announcements of acceptance will be mailed to presenting authors on 
March 15, 1996.  A registration package and fees list for the 
conference will be included with the announcement.


Please prepare an abstract that is readable for a general audience.  It 
should be a maximum of 250 words, including a clear statement of 
purpose, a brief overview of method or approach, a summary of results, 
and a concluding statement.

Please submit the abstract on a 3½" diskette in an IBM WordPerfect or 
Word 5.x format.  Please label the disk with the last and first name(s) 
of the presenter(s).  Please submit two hard copies of the abstract 
with the diskette.  You may also send your abstract, in ASCII format, 
to rdnad at .  Final papers must be submitted by March 
15, 1996.

The abstracts will not be edited.  Authors are responsible for 
spelling, grammatical and typographical accuracy.  Type the title in 
upper and lower case, followed by the author(s), affiliations(s), and 
address(es).  The name of the person who will present the paper or 
poster should appear first in the case of co-authors.  The body of the 
abstract should be single spaced in upper and lower case.  Do not use 
underline or boldface.  Abstracts will be published in the conference 
Please indicate your preference of platform or poster presentation.  In 
planning your presentation, please note that each platform speaker is 
allotted 20 minutes, including questions and discussion.  Audio-visual 
equipment will be provided for your presentation with advance notice of 
48 hours.  A critique of each presentation will be made by members of 
the community.  

A specific time will be allotted during the conference for a poster 
session.  Poster presenters are expected to remain with their poster 
during that time.  Posters must have maximum dimensions of 5' x 6' and 
may be free standing or mounted on display boards.  Presenters are 
responsible for supplying their own means of attachment.

For more information, please contact:

Conference Committee, St. Lawrence River Institute of Environmental 
Sciences, 709 Cotton Mill Street, Cornwall, Ontario, K6H 7K7.  Phone #: 
(613) 936-6620, Fax: (613)936-1803.  E-mail: dleech at 
Attention: David Leech, Conference Coordinator. 

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