funding for post-Master's, pre-Ph.D.'s??

Richard Converse converrl at
Fri Jan 26 16:57:50 EST 1996

Hi everyone!

   I would appreciate any information on funding sources for someone with
the follwing critera:

1. I presently hold a Master's degree in Molecular Biology.
2. I have 12 years experience in this area.
3. I currently work for a funded lab, but, as always, more money would
help facilitate my research....
4. I have been published.
5. I currently work in the area of corneal molecular biology.
6. I am not a minority, but I work in a minority lab.
7. I am not currently pursuing a Ph.D.

   Is there any organization, governmental or otherwise, to which I can
write a grant to aid in the funding of my research?? I have checked SPIN
gopher, but there doesn't seem to be a niche for me. I have looked at NIH
programs which grant money to my area of research, but I can't figure out
whether I am eligible...

   If anybody has any info (websites, phone numbers, contacts) I would
greatly appreciate it (also, if there is a more appropriate newsgroup, I
would appreciate knowing what it is.

                        Please e-mail any helpful info!!


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