Ritalin & Kids

Charles Moore CharlesNMoore at msn.com
Sat Jan 27 11:11:59 EST 1996

Our experience has been good, no side effects.  Others I know have only
had problems with things like lip chapping or figgity type habits.
You can certainly tell when they are off of it.  Even though it helps
them concentrate, you still have to work with them to help them 
understand that it is only an aid and they still have to improve 
control over theirselves.  Our doctor feels that they should only be 
on it a couple of years to help them learn the difference and 
appreciate what is happening to them.  I also was diagnosed with it 
but growing up we didn't have money to do anything about it so I went 
through the school of hard knocks -- literaly -- learning self 
control.  There are alternative drugs that the doctor can perscribe.  
You might want them to try something like Zoloft first and see if it 
works ok.  According to my doctor they still arn't sure why ritalin 
works.  Zoloft on the other hand works on the seritonin (I'm probably 
not spelling it correctly) in the brain.  Seritonin helps control the 
transfer of nerve signals.

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