Azulenic Retinoids - Collaborative Venture

gail kuranaka kuranaka at
Fri Jan 26 20:04:13 EST 1996

A new type of azulene-containing retinoid has been synthesized and shown 
to possess anti-cancer properties.  The new compounds are similar in size 
and shape to Vitamin A, but their electronic properties are dramatically 
different.  This is due to the unique stabilizing effect of azulene on 
the chemical bonds in the molecule.  The anti-cancer activity was found 
to depend on the chemical structure of the retinoid.  In several cases, 
this activity was greater than that for the retinoic acid itself.

A researcher at the University of Hawaii is working in the area of 
azulenic retinoids for anti-cancer studies.  He is interested in pursuing 
collaborative ventures with pharmaceutical companies that can further 
evaluate the compounds.  Some of the compounds show moderate activity 
towards nuclear retinoic acid receptor isoforms, RARs and RXRs.  Another 
possible direction is the area of photodynamic therapy (PDT).

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