Question on Research funding in Canada?

David Mannock dmannock at
Sat Jan 27 18:37:13 EST 1996

Alex, thankyou for your post. I agree with some of what you're saying about the
nature of the "regulated  competition" in many of the granting agencies. I
myself attended an NSERC site visit in order to assist me in writing a grant and
was told that I was not eligible to apply in my own name or as a co-applicant.
In fairness, I can say that I can understand why some qualifications such as
holding a full faculty position might be necessary for me to make such an
application. My point was slightly different in that I was eligible to apply for
this industry/academic open competition, but was prevented from doing so by
rules which apparently were specific to my own institution. My question was
whether this was true elswhere in Canada. I have had one response so far which
indicates that at one univeresity on the west coast it is not and that people
such as myself are encouraged to be more independent (without the risk of
payback). If anyone out there has some info on this point I would appreciate
receiving it by email. Thanks. 

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