Back pain and osteoporosis or back pain and depression

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Sat Jan 27 13:40:04 EST 1996

 Hazel Hooper asks about back pain information for her dissertation...

   You may want to throw a few thoughts in your dissertation to give 
the reviewers something to think about.

    People stood up to act as an antenna to catch more of the earth's
magnetic field which from time to time moves in a west to east direction,
outracing the earth's crust. It's moving now but slowly about one revolution
every 2,000 years.

   In the past after the earth,s crust broke loose from the core and 
"REELED" due to a meteor impact the crust turned slower than the core
for a period of time. The magnetic field which is in the core outran 
the crust and provided the energy for origin of life. It also forced 
negative water vapor ions high to form a band of ice crystals around 
the earth and positive water vapor ions low to form the heavy dew wrote
of in Gennesis.

   Evolution bloomed during this period of time. As the friction between
the core and the crust dragged the crust back up to speed, the movement 
between the crust and the magnetic field became less and the living things
that survived adapted. The flood came when the ice crystals fell to

    We now sit waiting for the next extinction to get the magnetic field 
movinf so we can evolve some more. Just now we are de-generating in that 
there are more speceis being lost than being evolved.

    Genesis would be the history of the Jewish People for the period of
time between the last extinction and the flood.


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