Questions on Molecular Biology

Juan C. Mendible UCV jmendi at CONICIT.VE
Sun Jan 28 07:00:10 EST 1996

Hi there. 
I would appreciate answers to the following two questions:
a.- As I understand it, the normal gene structure would be (5'-3'): regulatory
signals, promoter, structural gene, polyadenylation signal, terminator signal.
If that is correct would it make any sense to express a gene in a vector with
the following structure: polyadenylation signal, promoter, reporter gene (CAT),
polyadenylation signal, your gene?. If you need more details you can look at:
BBRC 180 (2): 1103-1109. 1991. Takahashi,S., et al. Figure 3.
b.- Is it possible to demonstrate, with DNA probes that to human population are
genetically related. For example African African with African Latino?
Thanks for your time
jmendi at 

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