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Mahlon G. Kelly mgk at darwin.clas.Virginia.EDU
Sun Jan 28 01:49:12 EST 1996

SMI at  writes:
> My company sponsors a program where a percentage of our profits goes to
> "Microscopes for Schools", and we send decent scopes out to help teachers
> get kids interested in science.
> I find that we need a source for prepared slides, with various microscopic
> specimens of interest to kids in the pre-teen and teen years. Would anyone
> know of a good source to purchase large quantities of slides with a
> variety of interesting subject matter that will work well on modest
> ($1000) microscopes?
> Thanks for your help,
> Dave Jensen, Managing Director
> Search Masters International
> Five Hundred Foothills South, Suite #2
> Sedona, AZ 86336
> (520) 282-3553 Phone or (520) 282-5881 Fax
> Search Masters International (SMI) is an industry-leading search firm
> specializing in Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, and Medical Device
> industries. We work on exclusive, employer paid searches for staff at all
> levels.

Sorry, but I can't help you with prepared slides, but I think
that we can lower the prices of the microscopes.

Take a look at

We can supply better teaching scopes than anyone, at lower

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