Reer Review: Open or Not ?

Simon M. Brocklehurst smb at
Sun Jan 28 11:11:43 EST 1996

Alexander Berezin wrote:
> (1) The strength of any argument is almost never a direct
> function of how many people subscribe to it.


In which case, perhaps you will take it from me without
further argument that APR is not all that bad. Personally,
I don't care if it's _anonymous_ or not.  I just want
someone to go to the trouble of filtering out most of the
rubbish for me, before I take the time to read a whole
load of papers.

> If you have (supportive) colleagues, ask them to read
> your manuscript and make suggestions for improvements.

  This is of course useful to do in many cases, but does
mean that the referees aren't required.

> THIS is the way to do science, not secret bashing from
> around the corner. (and if you don't have supportive
> colleagues than ask yourself why not).

  Secret bashing...?  It's self-evident that
papers are published only when referees are supportive... isn't 
it?! And since even you've agreed that the rate at which high
quality contributions are published is high, there doesn't
appear to be a big problem with APR.
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