Marc Andelman drgonfly at biosource.ultranet.com
Mon Jan 29 10:47:29 EST 1996

> Chistra McAuliff was my neighbor in Framingham , MA.  Her maiden
name was Corrigan, and they lived a few houses down the street.
I had a sick feeling or premonition 
the day before the launch, specifically because
it had been so cold in Florida.  The space shuttle has set
NASA back  twenty years.  
	I hate to say it, but back when the 
Nazi's ran NASA, at least the  space shuttles ran on time. I don't
miss the German autocrats one bit.  We do need leaders with 
vision, and , if our burearocracies select out for these, then ,
this is just a process of old age in a society
Marc Andelman

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