Survey (Please Read!)

Nick Crush cn1264 at
Mon Jan 29 19:33:05 EST 1996

I'm a seventh grade student at Brewster Middle school, in Camp Lejeune, 
NC.  I am doing a project about life on the internet.  I ask that you 
PLEASE answer my survey, these aren't complex questions and you don't 
have to answer all of them.  Just select the entire survey, paste it 
into an E-mail message and fill in the blanks.   Again, I ask you PLEASE 
answer the survey, It is totally anonymous and I have no upper limit on 
the amount of applications I can receive.  (I'm trying to stress this as 
much as I can because my project has to be FINISHED by Feb. 8th)  Once 
you've finished, Please send them to:

 cn1264 at

*Note, if they newsgroups that this survey is being sent to appear to be 
biased, it's based on fairly random selection. (I'm trying to keep the 
answers un-biased)

1) Are you Male or Female?

2) What country are you accessing the internet from?

3) How old are you?

4) How do you feel about government censorship of explicit and 
pornographic material on the internet?
(a) very strongly for censorship (b) somewhat for censorship (c) don't 
care  (d) somewhat against censorship  (e) very strongly against 

5) Have any there been any life changing events that you are willing to 
tell about that happened as a result of the internet? (ex. met 
husband/wife,  lost money, gained money, etc..)

6) There are internet telephone packages (let you Talk to people without 
long distance charges) the quality is pretty bad, and in order to talk 
to someone they have to be on the internet telephone at the same time.  
do you think it is better than ordinary long-distance telephone? 

7) How are you accessing the internet? (through Prodigy, AOL, 
CompuServe, Local Company, direct link, cable, etc.)

8) Do you think that Online Credit Card transactions (buying things 
through the internet with a credit card number) are safe and 

9) Do you think that the internet benefits the world?(yes/no)

10) Do you have any children? (yes/no); If so, how old are they?

Thank you VERY MUCH for your time in answering this survey, I will post 
the results once the project is over!

-cn1264 at

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