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>>> Chistra McAuliff was my neighbor in Framingham , MA.  Her maiden
>>name was Corrigan, and they lived a few houses down the street.
>>I had a sick feeling or premonition 
>>the day before the launch, specifically because
>>it had been so cold in Florida. 

such utter crap... there are absolutely no data available that
such feelings have any value... or can you predict the future ?

>>The space shuttle has set
>>NASA back  twenty years.  

crap again... with a contunation of appolo, we would never be
as far as that we are now.

>>       I hate to say it, but back when the 
>>Nazi's ran NASA, at least the  space shuttles ran on time. 

crap again: so did the german trains and alas the KZ's.

>>I don't
>>miss the German autocrats one bit.  We do need leaders with 
>>vision, and , if our burearocracies select out for these, then ,
>>this is just a process of old age in a society
>>Marc Andelman

man, you have a conception of reality that is SCARY for a science
newsgroup: wow !

>I am sorry about your neighbor! As well as the other heroic Americans
>who were sacrificed on the altar of NASA greed & anxiety to keep the
>funding going!

such shit ! heroic americans ? sacrificed on the Nasa altar ? man, you
should be a poet ! are you related to Walt W. by any chance ? altho,
from the following more likely Walt D. !

>Also note that in the extensive coverage of the disaster's 10th
>anniversary, Wm. Rogers, chairman of the panel, was quoted as "woe,
>woe", whereas it was he & the other do-nothing members of the panel who
>sat around a table and yacked, while Richard Feynman got up at dawn,
>went to a hardware store, got the necessities, and gave that ice-water
>demo on TV that locked up the case! Whattaguy!
>Anyone interested in the full story as told by Feynman should read his
>entertaining "Surely You're Joking, Mr.Feynman", the first of several
>collections of his essays and writing about his life & career.

Which clearly demonstrate the Ivory tower principle that so many of my
colleagues in science demonstrate: after reading Feynman's books,
i can only conclude that he is a great physicist but a below average
human (read the chapter on the death of his wife f.i.). Or the way
he behaved during the carnaval in south america: I felt so sorry for
him while reading these chapters...An american in Paris is nothing
compared to it. But hell, you guys have never seen the loneliness
of american post-docs in european labs...

>We shall not see his like again!  His leaps of intuition used to drive
>his colleagues nuts. They would be painfully going through the steps of
>some esoteric computation, and he would have already intuited (is that
>a word?) the answer.
>BTW, an interesting sidelight: Both he and his father were secular &
>agnostic.  At his father's burial, he was asked to say Kaddish and
>refused.  I started to wonder how I would have handled this: (a) stay
>true to one's agnostic "principles", or (b) make the gesture as an act
>of community solidarity.  I have concluded that I would do (b). 

that figures: from your mail. Hey, why don't you guys face up to reality:
if you have cars, you will have accidents, if you have ladders, people
will fall down from them and if you have a space program, 
you will have casualties...there are no heroes,
no underdogs, just victims that diappear, alas, into statistics....


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