Eric Simon erics at access2.digex.net
Tue Jan 30 15:35:05 EST 1996

David Lloyd-Jones (dlj at inforamp.net) wrote:
: Nick Landau <nick at n-landau.demon.co.uk> wrote:
: >>gimme a break.
: >>
: >My, that'a an intelligent response!
: Nick,


: To pick just one falsehood in Gold's writing: if he'd actually read


: Gold has invented antisemitism where there as none, has attributed low
: motives when thi is utterly inappropriate, and has memorialised Feyman
: in a mawkish style quite unfitting to the man's character.
: Gimme a break indeed!

No.  You see, _you_ have intelligently expressed the problems with the 
original post.  A mere message of "gimme a break" does not add anything 
to the conversation.

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