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Tue Jan 30 06:24:14 EST 1996

Nick Landau <nick at n-landau.demon.co.uk> wrote:

>love at not.war (TEMPEST) wrote:

>>gimme a break.
>My, that'a an intelligent response!

>Nick Landau

I thought "Tempest"'s response was intelligent: brief, pungent, and
relevant.  Gold's aricle was an unpleasant exercise in a rather
simpering kind of paranoia.  

To pick just one falsehood in Gold's writing: if he'd actually read
Feynamn's books he would know that Richard got along quite well with a
number of different generals, including the one he sat next to on the
Challenger Commission.
Both Feynman and his sidekick Ralph <name escapes me right now> agree
in writing that Thiokol engineers at the working level were cordial
and frank with Feynman.
Gold has invented antisemitism where there as none, has attributed low
motives when thi is utterly inappropriate, and has memorialised Feyman
in a mawkish style quite unfitting to the man's character.
Gimme a break indeed!


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