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Bite it, little <<<<Nazi-hater>>>>  Your nasty little racist attitude
exudes from your choice of words.  Try to think of some other way to
express what you think, if you really do think m-- oh, ex-CUUUUUSE me,
you must be a Jewish intellectual --- of COURSE you think, and deep
thoughts, too, and original thoughts, too.  Who else would use Nazi in
every other sentence?  Now, do you want to come back with the standard
"anti-semite" complaint for us all??  Let's see how ugly you can be. 
C'mon, HIT ME, bitch!!

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>>> Chistra McAuliff was my neighbor in Framingham , MA.  Her maiden
>>name was Corrigan, and they lived a few houses down the street.
>>I had a sick feeling or premonition 
>>the day before the launch, specifically because
>>it had been so cold in Florida.  The space shuttle has set
>>NASA back  twenty years.  
>>	I hate to say it, but back when the 
>>Nazi's ran NASA, at least the  space shuttles ran on time. I don't
>>miss the German autocrats one bit.  We do need leaders with 
>>vision, and , if our burearocracies select out for these, then ,
>>this is just a process of old age in a society
>>Marc Andelman
>I am sorry about your neighbor! As well as the other heroic Americans
>who were sacrificed on the altar of NASA greed & anxiety to keep the
>funding going!
>Also note that in the extensive coverage of the disaster's 10th
>anniversary, Wm. Rogers, chairman of the panel, was quoted as "woe,
>woe", whereas it was he & the other do-nothing members of the panel
>sat around a table and yacked, while Richard Feynman got up at dawn,
>went to a hardware store, got the necessities, and gave that ice-water
>demo on TV that locked up the case! Whattaguy!
>Anyone interested in the full story as told by Feynman should read his
>entertaining "Surely You're Joking, Mr.Feynman", the first of several
>collections of his essays and writing about his life & career.
>We shall not see his like again!  His leaps of intuition used to drive
>his colleagues nuts. They would be painfully going through the steps
>some esoteric computation, and he would have already intuited (is that
>a word?) the answer.
>BTW, an interesting sidelight: Both he and his father were secular &
>agnostic.  At his father's burial, he was asked to say Kaddish and
>refused.  I started to wonder how I would have handled this: (a) stay
>true to one's agnostic "principles", or (b) make the gesture as an act
>of community solidarity.  I have concluded that I would do (b). 

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