QUESTION? from a curious second year biology student

Karoly Veress kveress at FREENET.NPIEC.ON.CA
Mon Jul 1 14:56:05 EST 1996

Hi everybody! I will be going into my second year of university, and i am
studying biology.
My name is Istvan Dalnoki-Veress, and i would be very interested if I
would be able to get some info on a question in the field bacteriology.
Anyway, here it is:

In a text book I was reading to get familliar with one of my subjects I
will be taking next year. I was reading about Mesosomes which are
organelles in bacteria that are formed from invagination of the plasma
membrane. What has the recent research shown about it's function. In the
text book that got me interested, the understanding so far is that it
occurs when chemically fixed for electron microscopy and is also observed
in freeze-etched bacteria. I hope I was clear enough, and I will look
forward to any information that anyone can give me.


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