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Subject:  In France? "Pourvoir en Cassation?"

re:  Human Rights (des Droits de l'Homme) of a foreign prisoner in France

(French follows)


Would be very grateful for your help!

We are in California.  We are in need of obtaining an idea of what legal
fees might be in France for a specialized French atty to do a "pourvoir en
cassation" -- on behalf of a 30 y.o. family member who was recently
convicted by the Criminal Court in France (in error, presumably for
association with drug traffickers) and then sentenced to an astounding 18 

Guilty or innocent, this goes way beyond the pale for civilized society!

There is NO APPEAL possible.  The only legal recourse is the "pourvoir en
cassation," which looks at the possibility that errors were made in
procedure and instruction of the trial -- but does not encompass a review of
evidence, as we would like.

There is only a very, very slim chance, as all tell us, that the pourvoir en
cassation will succeed.  The legal proceedings, especially if a new trial
were granted, could take many years.

Innocent or guilty, 18 years goes way beyond the pale for civilized society!

We are at wits' end.

There are only 80 or 90 attys in all of France qualified and certified to do
the pourvoir en cassation -- which involves presenting a petition before
France's Supreme Court, largely in mammoth written form.

Rather than post your response here, would you kindly E-Mail us directly c/o
of the address below?



E-Mail: c/o (Civil Right World Watch)crw at

UC Berkeley

Tel/FAX: 310-632-1582


Salut a tous et a toutes!

Desole pour mon mauvais francais.

Je voudrais savoir le prix approximatif pour qu'un avocat specialise fasse
un pourvoir en cassation -- en general.

Je realise que ça depend probablement de bien des choses.

Nous ne voudrions qu'une moyenne approximative...qu'une idee generale.

C'est pour un membre de ma famille qui a ete condamne par la Cour d'Assises
Speciale a 18 ans de prison en France.  Il a eu 5 jours pour faire une
deposition -- heureusement, il l'a bien faite a temps. 

Au lieu de poster votre reponse ici, auriez-vous l'amabilite de l'envoyer
directement a ma boite electronique en Californie ?

Merci mille fois d'avance!


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