Fluoridation Scam

James Bond teaser at very.late.net
Sat Jul 13 01:29:52 EST 1996

No way, the greatest BS scam going on earth right now is that Freon harms the 
ozone layer! hahaha! What a joke!  But, those environmental whackos are 
always looking for a new way to set us back a few hundred years.  Have you 
ever heard the BS line from the leftists at The Center for Science in the 
Public Intrest?  They are the nuts that started the Popcorn scare...then the 
Chinese food scare.....then the mexican food scare.....etc....etc....you get 
the picture....For some reason, leftists are always trying to become our 
parents!  Look at how they are going afte the tabacco companies!  Is smoking 
legal? Yes! Then why are leftists working harder at killing off the tabacco 
companies than they are at stopping drug usage??????  Dont try, youll never 
figure them out!
Except one word will clue you as to their motives: CONTROL.

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