looking for information about the APCR genetic disease

alex emil kentsis aekentsi at woodlawn.uchicago.edu
Tue Jul 16 09:23:23 EST 1996

what does APCR stand for?
i did a medline search for "apcr" and it revealed nothing of relevance.

Stephane Corteel (scorteel at resulb.ulb.ac.be) wrote:
: A few weeks ago, we were informed that my wife (28 years old) is affected by a 
: genetic disease called APCR.

: The only information we have about this disease are :

: - it is a genetic disease apparently due to the mutation of gene

: - it has been recently discovered (2 or 3 years ago)

: - it is related to blood coagulation

: - The effects are increased if the patient eats food containing a high 
:   concentration in vitamin K

: - Due to this disease, my wife has alrealy made 2 pulmonary embolisms 
:   in 1 year.

: Can someon provide us with more information about this problem, references 
: in scientific litterature, known treatments, aso...

: Thank you for all your answers.
: Stephane Corteel, scorteel at resulb.ulb.ac.be

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