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Sat Jul 20 13:39:01 EST 1996

gkkostop at wrote:
>                         =========================
>                         POSTDOCTORAL   FELLOWSHIP
>                         =========================
> Applications are invited for a postdoctoral position supported by the
> European
> Union Program: Human Capital and Mobility, to investigate changes in
> thalamocortical excitability in epilepsy using electrophysiological
> techniques in
> rat brain slices.
> - The particular project conducted in the laboratory of Dr. G.
> Kostopoulos at the
> University of Patras/ Greece is part of a group effort with prominent
> laboratories
> in Paris, Berlin, Milan and Strasbourg on the general theme of
> - Position available immediately.
> - Duration of support : 12 months.
> - The laboratory is spacious, modern and adequately equiped for the
> project
> - The qualified applicant should be a citizen of any EU country
> (including
> Austria, Finland and Sweden) except Greece, have a Ph.D. degree and
> experience in
> intracellular recording techniques. Knowledge of Greek language is not
> required as
> all members of the Dept. of Physiology speak English.
> - The support includes travelling to meetings and co-operation with
> the other
> partners of the project team.
> - Send application with CV and names of 3 referees to :
>  Professor George Kostopoulos, M.D., Ph.D.
> Physiology Dept., Medical School, University of Patras, 261 10
> Greece, phone :+30
> 61-997825, 992389  fax : 30 61-997215,
> e-mail : gkkostop at
> -------------------------------------------------------------
> George Kostopoulos M.D. Ph.D.           UNIVERSITY OF PATRAS
> Professor of Physiology                 MEDICAL SCHOOL
> phone: +30 61 997825, 992389            26110 Patra, Greece
> e-mail: gkkostop at         fax: +30 61 997215
> -------------------------------------------------------------

Just a note to let you know that SciWeb, a new web site at: will list post doc announcements on the site to the
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We also list technician openings for free and faculty
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If you are interested, just write to: eddyjake at and send the 
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