"Life Sciences" to 'Gaiology'

Alexander Berezin berezin at MCMAIL.CIS.MCMASTER.CA
Tue Jul 23 09:45:49 EST 1996

On 23 Jul 1996, Robert M. Ross wrote:

> At Shizuoka University in Japan the biology and geology departments have
> merged, and we are trying to determine an English name.  The department
> has three sections, pure biology, pure biology, and environmental sciences
> (those at the interface of the two fields).  A possibility is "Life and
> Earth Sciences," but one opinion that we have heard is that the term "Life
> Sciences" is usually used in association with medical studies.  Any
> opinions about this, or alternative suggestions, would be grately
> appreciated.
> Robert M. Ross
> <serross at sci.shizuoka.ac.jp>

Call it Department of Gaiology.

"Gaia" is a living planet Earth according to the
ancient terminology, revived recently by James Lovelock.
Since the only biology we know is the Earth's biology
there is no contradiction between geology and biology
and they can be potentially covered by a singular term.

Also remember that the world's #1 biologist 
(Darwin) was, in fact, a geologist.

Good luck with your (apparently pioneering) 
efforts to enter the 21 century. We should gear
towards the unity of science, as opposed to the 
destructive compartamenalization and all this
current establishement bullshit like grantsmanship,
emrire building or 'expert peer review'.

Alex Berezin

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