Bioethics questions! Help!

Hinrich Muller hlmuller at CYBERHIGHWAY.NET
Sun Jun 2 19:50:48 EST 1996

I need some answers to bioethical questions by Monday, 
June 3! Please help! Here are the questions:
1. What exactly do you do in your job?
2. What education do you have to have to be qualified 
for the job?
3. What are some methods of prolonging human life 
using biotechnology? (artificial hearts, etc.)
4. What are the estimated costs for some of these 
5. Do you think that people should use life-prolonging 
methods if possible?
6. What limits do you think should be on 
life-prolonging methods? (Who should get it, etc.)
7. Have you yourself ever had an experience with a 
patient that needed a life-prolonging method?
8. If so, how did you deal with the situation?
9. If it was somebody you were close to that needed a 
life-prolonging device, how would you deal with it?

   If you have time, please answer them and send the 
answers to hlmuller at

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