Cable TV Descrambler $20.00

Jerry N. Alexandratos alexandr at
Mon Jun 3 11:17:35 EST 1996

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In article <4ot6np$4kq at> Deborah at writes:
>hiwest at West) wrote:
>>Cable TV Descrambler 160 stations $20.00
>>hiwest at
>This is highly illegal and anyone who is caught buying or selling a
>descrambler box could be prosecuted by the local cable tv company. I
>know because I am a cable television auditor!!!!

I know it is legal to sell (and buy) descrambler/converter boxes, as long as you
already pay for cable subscription.  It is the theft of cable service which is 
a crime.  In fact, there are many advertisements for these boxes in many popular
national magazines.  I believe you're scaring people needlessly.

Note that the original poster did not specify what type of descrambler he is
willing to sell.  Not all boxes work with all systems.  

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