Bioethics questions! Help!

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Mon Jun 3 13:19:22 EST 1996

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Hinrich Muller <hlmuller at CYBERHIGHWAY.NET> wrote:
>I need some answers to bioethical questions by Monday, 
>June 3! Please help! Here are the questions:
>1. What exactly do you do in your job?

Whatever my PI tells me.

>2. What education do you have to have to be qualified 
>for the job?

A well-trained chimpanzee would be qualified for this job.  Hm, maybe 
even a not-so-well trained chimpanzee.

>3. What are some methods of prolonging human life 
>using biotechnology? (artificial hearts, etc.)

Many studies have shown that income is correleated with life expectancy.  
Therefore, one way to increas life expectancy would be to give everyone 
more money.

>4. What are the estimated costs for some of these 

Probably prohibitive at the current time.

>5. Do you think that people should use life-prolonging 
>methods if possible?

Some people, perhaps, but as everyone knows, it's not the length that 
counts, it's what you do with it that matters.

Hope this helps,


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