End-note and End-link... are they any Good...What is your Experience?

Riekeltje Koedood rkoedood at bio.bu.edu
Mon Jun 3 16:24:38 EST 1996

I agree with all. Endnote was GREAT for my thesis and even more useful for
changing reference format of a paper (from names to numbered, a pain to
do by hand). Endlink allowed me to import references from Medline and 
the whole thing was so easy that a friend could be shown in 5 minutes how
to do it. I was also more than happy that I didn't need to type in the
references myself (none except for the odd unpublished/in press papers) -
just got them off Medline (with Endlink) and tranferred them into my thesis
library, with Endnote taking care of all the formatting.

Marieke Koedood

Julian F Dye (j.dye at ic.ac.uk) wrote:
: Hi Graham

: I'm using both packages for my PhD write-up - they are the best I know 
: of, and I'm familiar with papyrus (don't even try it) and ref manager (I 
: only know the old DOS version).  I thoroughly recommend them.

: However, I can say there dosen't seem much point in using a reference 
: manager package if you can't import references from databases such as 
: medline so definitely go for the end-link add on if you want to cite 
: papers rather than type every reference in yourself.  You get the added 
: advantage of the abstracts as well.  I'll be surprised if you regret 
: buying them.

: Good luck 

: Julian Dye

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