Enough Cable

Steve Shuey sshuey at CCMAIL-GW.IDEC.COM
Mon Jun 3 19:07:56 EST 1996

I can't believe so much time has been wasted on this subject!!!!!

Subject: Re: Cable TV Descrambler $20.00
From:    carlos at isdnet.com (Carlos A. Alvarez) at Internet
Date:    6/3/96  11:26 PM

In article <4ot6np$4kq at news.greatbasin.net>,
Deborah at finetouch.silver-springs.nv.us wrote:

>This is highly illegal and anyone who is caught buying or selling a
>descrambler box could be prosecuted by the local cable tv company. I
>know because I am a cable television auditor!!!!

Really, I didn't know the cable company had it's own police and judicial 
system for prosecution.

Buying and selling any of these devices is legal.  Even using one is legal, if 
you notify your cable company (who will promptly trap all the pay channels 
with bandpass filters).  The only thing illegal about it is using it to 
receive any program you have not paid for.

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