Collab. Belgium <-> Poland, Hungary or Roumania

DeJean jan at
Wed Jun 5 01:23:20 EST 1996

The Flemish government (Belgium) provides funding for scientific cooperation
between Flemish universities (institutions) and Polish, Hungarian or
Romanian research labs. The grants can be used for visits, travel,
equipment, meetings, etc. The department of Ultrastructure at the free
University of Brussels is doing research in the fields of protein
crystallography and protein engineering. Please look at our WWW page for
more details.
	We are looking for scientific partners (university labs, research
institutes) in these countries with joined scientific interests to start
cooperative research on the above subjects. If any interest, please contact
Jan Steyaert (JSTEYAER at VUB.AC.BE).

Prof. Dr. Ir. Jan Steyaert
Free University of Brussels,
Paardenstraat 65,
B-1640 Sint-Genesius-Rode,

Email jsteyaer at
Tel ++ 32 2 359 02 68
Fax ++ 32 2 359 02 89
Fax 32-2-359 02 89

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