Peer Review Dephasing

Alexander Berezin berezin at MCMAIL.CIS.MCMASTER.CA
Wed Jun 5 08:51:36 EST 1996

On Wed, 5 Jun 1996, a rose wrote:

> Alexander Berezin wrote:
> > My practical recommendation therefore, is to
> > encourage posting of in-substance critisism of
> > of the so-called 'high quality' (peer reviewed,
> > in 'good journals') science in those cases when
> > people believe that such-and-such paper is lousy
> > one (or plagiarized, copycatted, etc) and if they
> > can substantiate their criticim.
> So every published paper would be the potential beginning of a new 
> thread, and we'd basically have the beginning of a public peer review 
> open to all. Maybe such a forum would eventually develop into a place 
> where people publish not only their critique, but also additional 
> findings - not peer reviewed in the traditional sense. But to make this 
> work, we'd probably need a good number new newsgroups (maybe even one for 
> each journal?), and each with an archive. 

> Is there any chance that this 
> could be established?

I don't see too many technical problems with this.
It is, in principle, quite easy. All it needs that 
the editorial boards of 'regular' (paper-bound,
peer reviewed journals) establish home pages with
added comment options. E-access codes for this
electronic discussion secion should be given 
on a journal info page. 

It is likely, some conservative editorial boards
will resist such measure. However, more enlighted 
ones will likely go for it. And it will be soon 
be pretty clear who are the renegates of the system,
i.e. and old boy clubs opposing the openness.

Alex Berezin

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