Cable Companies, was Re: Cable TV Descrambler $20.00

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Thu Jun 6 10:58:08 EST 1996

In article <4p5m5h$rnm at> Deborah at writes:
>caradoc at (John Groseclose) wrote:
>>Deborah at wrote:
>>: This is highly illegal and anyone who is caught buying or selling a
>>: descrambler box could be prosecuted by the local cable tv company. I
>>: know because I am a cable television auditor!!!!
>>Excellent. Please tell us which code you would be prosecuting under.
>>Buying and/or selling this kind of equipment isn't illegal, to the best of 
>>my knowledge. *USING* the equipment to intercept and view signals you 
>>haven't paid for is.
>Why would you buy the equipment if you had no intentions of using it
>to view what it was set up for? To sit on your entertainment center so
>your friends THINK you subscribe to pay stations!?? And as for the
>codes, you would have to look it up in the statutes for that
>particular state, it would be under THEFT OF CATV SIGNAL, or,

	You must have somehow missed the dozen or so posts which clearly
stated that owning and using these descrambler boxes is legal *IF* you
notify your cable company and pay for the channels you view.  My cable
company will rent (not "give") a converter box, or I can buy one.  As long
as I pay for the service, it is legal.  
	Do you still rent a telephone from a telco?  If not, why should you
rent a descrambler or converter from a cable company when you can buy one?
If I needed one, purchasing it would "pay for itself" over the course of a 
year.  Please explain your accusations of theft in light of these comments,
which have been expressed several times over the past few days.  Possession
(or even use) of one of these boxes is no more illegal in my area than 
possession of a crowbar makes one a criminal.  


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