Is medical care a Right?

Alexander Berezin berezin at MCMAIL.CIS.MCMASTER.CA
Thu Jun 6 13:27:22 EST 1996

On 6 Jun 1996, James R McCown wrote:

> Try taking a closer look at those countries that have 
> government-run health care, especially Canada where 
> they have your single payer. The only reason why their 
> system hasn't completely collapsed is because most 
> Canadians live within a short drive of the 
> non-compassionate USA.

The above statement is absolute nonsense written
by somebody who has no direct knowledge of Canadian
medical system. 

No system is perfect and Canadians do have some 
concerns with Canadian medical system and 
especially the pressures this system is now
experiencing from the so called market
forces (American model).

But the overall quality and accessebility of
the Canadian medical system remains very good. 
I live in 'driving distance' from USA but not
even in mad dreams intend to go there for
American medical services. None of my relatives
ever did this either. What you are saying 
is insult for Canadians.

Alex Berezin


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