where to post job announcements

Thomas J. Merchant tm37 at prism.gatech.edu
Thu Jun 6 12:03:31 EST 1996


I work for a non-profit private educational institution.

I am occasionally approached by faculty concerning getting 
job openings posted. These positions may be for permanent, 
temporary, full-time, part-time, professional, technical, or 
post-doctoral openings. 

My question is this: which newsgroup(s) is it appropriate to 
post these announcements to?

One obvious answer is to bionet.jobs. In the FAQ it is 
mentioned that this is the only place to post commercial job 

But, if I/we wish to target a specific area (arabidopsis, 
molecular-biology, etc.) is it appropriate to post there as 
well in order to reach a specific type of person? People 
reading specific topic newsgroups that are not job hunting 
are often in contact with peers that are seeking employment, 
but are not readers usenet newsgroups.

I frequently see job postings outside of bionet.jobs, and 
rarely see someone get flamed for such postings. 

I know multiple cross-postings are not looked favorably on. 
Before I instruct someone that is not as familiar as I in 
usenet etiquette on the procedures for posting, should I 
tell them that there is only one place to post, or should I 
also recommend posting to half a dozen or so groups outside 
of bionet.jobs?

I have supplied at least one person with copies of FAQs, 
Emily PostNews, etc., but am not sure that they will take 
the time to read and be familiar before posting, especially 
if they are trying to use this resource for only one thing: 
posting a job position.

Also, most of the specific topic newsgroups, at least in the 
bionet.* and sci.* hierarchies do not have FAQs, or do not 
address this topic in their FAQ if they do indeed have one.

I hope that I am not about to open a Pandora's box here, and 
you may reply by e-mail. However, I think that this is an 
appropriate topic for open discussion. Thank you in advance.

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