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Joshua Oskwarek  writes:
> The importance of minerals in the diet is often overlooked.  Life-sustaining minerals are necessary for 95% of the body's daily functions.  
> Although the body can function, however poorly, without vitamins, it will die withoud minerals.
> Soil depletion, poor crop rotation, and loss of valuable topsoil due to flooding and over-irrigation has eliminated much of the natural trace 
> mineral content from our modern food supply.  In fact, many of the fruits and vegetables we consume today contain only 8 to 12 minerals. 
> Dr. Linus Pauling, winner of two Nobel Prizes claimed,  "You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral 
> deficiency". 
> For a FREE audio cassette detailing how important minerals are to our diet,  how common deseases like heart desease, diabeties, arthritis and 
> others are caused by mineral deficiencies, and what we can do about it,  send an email request with your name and address to joshua at  
> There is NO obligation of any sort at all.  USA and Canada only.
> Joshua Oskwarek

What rubbish. Is carbon a mineral? It occurs in coal. Minerals
are in everything we eat. 

I suggest that the readers of this news group are fairly well
educated. They can probably spot your scam immediately.

And for that reason, I probably should not even bother to
respond. But the premises are so rediculous that I could not

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