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>Can someone help me understand the conundrum of why Canadians have
>taken to speaking out, while American academicians appear
>to have given in?
>Bert Gold

Canadian people learn to complain at an early age. Frankly,
indoctrination takes place as soon as one is exposed to -30 c!
When the Artic blasts hit us we really start to bitch and
when regressive governments slash n' burn our social systems
to the ground we get loaded for bear! Clearly, I believe we
are in a different position with respect to employment/jobs
etc. This creates a climate where many are vying for a share
of the pie and ultimately we have a good deal more conflict
to sift through than the American market simply because your
own country has an insignificant percentage of unemployment
compared to ours! Many Canadians are hurting much more than
media might let on and we are 'starving' we tend to get a
little hot under the collar.


p.s. Living next to BIG BROTHER has forced us to get tough as well.
     Canadians are fighters from way back, Bert.

CHEERS & keep up the good fight!

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